Protect Your Home with Smart Home Appliance Cover

Say goodbye to unexpected repair bills and hello to worry-free living. Our comprehensive coverage ensures your home appliances are protected against wear and tear failures, electrical breakdowns, and more. With Smart Home Appliance Cover, your home is in safe hands.

What we Cover



We cover labour and call-out fees and replacement parts, with a generous repair limit of up to R10,000 per claim.

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Should your selected insured Appliance’s Core Functionality be irreparable we replace the appliance!

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Wear and Tear

We cover appliaces ranging from fridges to tumble dryers against wear-and-tear.


And More!

We connect you with top-notch repair experts for quick and reliable fixes.

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Expert Repairs: We connect you with reputable repairers to ensure your appliances are in the hands of skilled professionals.
No Unforeseen Expenses: Say goodbye to unexpected repair costs. We've got you covered.
Replacement Guarantee: If repair is not possible, we'll replace your appliance promptly.
Quick Replacement: If we can't find the parts within 5 days (subject to national disasters), we will replace the appliance.

Contact us today to ensure continuous protection for your home.

Welcome to Smart Home Appliance Cover – Your Ultimate Shield Against Unexpected Repairs! Our revolutionary insurance product ensures that your home appliances are safeguarded, providing a stress-free living experience. From wear and tear failures to electrical breakdowns, we've got you covered. With a generous repair limit of up to R10,000 per claim, our policy caters to the repair needs of electrical systems, plumbing, geysers, and motors.

Say goodbye to unforeseen expenses with our Replacement Guarantee! After the initial 90 days waiting period, we offer a quick replacement option, with costs starting at R2,000 per claim and increasing by R1,000 per month (where premium is paid), up to a maximum of R10,000 per claim. Whether it's a motor that's irreparable, uneconomical to repair, or damaged beyond repair, we have you covered.

Enjoy continuous protection with our monthly policy that renews automatically as long as the premium is paid, and the hassle-free debit order payment method makes it convenient for you. Our benefits extend beyond repairs, connecting you with expert repairers, eliminating unforeseen expenses, and providing a swift replacement guarantee. If parts are unattainable within 5 days (subject to national disasters), we'll replace your appliance promptly.

Discover peace of mind today – invest in Smart Home Appliance Cover and secure your home against unexpected repairs. Explore the comprehensive coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions in our product wording. Your home's protection starts here!

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