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South African Riot and Strike Insurance - What you need to know

Date : 12 Jan, 2024

Author : Anika le Roux


In the dynamic landscape of South Africa, uncertainties loom large, especially when it comes to the potential for riots and strikes. As a business owner or individual, understanding the significance of Riot and Strike Insurance becomes paramount. This article delves into what this insurance entails, the protection it offers, and the compelling reasons why you should consider having it.

Riot and Strike Insurance

What is Riot and Strike Insurance?

Defining the Basics

Riot and Strike Insurance, often bundled together, is a specialized form of coverage designed to shield businesses and individuals from financial losses resulting from civil unrest, riots, and workers' strikes.

The Legal Landscape

Navigating the legal intricacies, this insurance often adheres to specific regulations and guidelines, ensuring compliance with South African laws regarding insurance policies.

The Coverage

Your business is a complex ecosystem, and Riot and Strike Insurance is the comprehensive shield it needs. Dive into our offerings, and you'll find coverage that extends far beyond the basics. Think of it as a safety net that catches you when unforeseen challenges arise. All claims would have to be for losses or damages caused by riots, strikes, public disorder, civil commotion and terrorism.

Property Protection

One of the primary facets of this insurance is safeguarding physical assets. It covers damages to properties caused by riot-related activities, providing a financial buffer to rebuild or repair.

Material Damage

Material Damage cover will cover your assets against losses or damages of all domestic and commercial property, equipment, containers, aviation hull, and agricultural-related such as harvest and livestock.


In the case of your business handling money and you experience a loss or damage of cash and cheques in an event exposure to a strike, riot or protest, then Money cover is for you.

Goods in Transit

Keep your business moving with the goods in transit cover. This product covers all goods in transit only on South African soil, whether it’s through the land, air or sea such as marine cargo, marine hull, and inland water vessels.

Business Interruption

In the aftermath of civil unrest, businesses may experience disruptions. Riot and Strike Insurance extends its reach to cover financial losses incurred due to interrupted operations.


Whether you are attending a business meeting, doing deliveries or transporting cargo across South Africa, your vehicle is exposed to every-day riots and protests. Riot and Strike Insurance will cover your cars, light delivery vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, motor dealers, mobile plants, buses and trailers in an event of losses or damages as a result of riots or strikes.

Why You Should Have Riot and Strike Insurance

Peace of Mind

Living in uncertain times, having this insurance offers peace of mind. Knowing that your assets are shielded against unforeseen events allows you to focus on business operations without constant worry.

Financial Security

In the event of property damage or business interruptions, the financial burden can be overwhelming. Riot and Strike Insurance acts as a financial safety net, ensuring that you can weather the storm without crippling losses.

Protecting Employees

Beyond assets, this insurance can also cover losses related to employees. In the case of strikes, it provides a safety net for both the employer and the workforce.

How to Choose the Right Policy

Assessing Risks

Before diving into the world of Riot and Strike Insurance, it's crucial to assess the specific risks your business faces. Understanding potential threats allows you to tailor the policy to your unique needs.

Customization Options

Not all businesses are created equal, and neither should their insurance policies be. Explore customization options offered by insurers to ensure your coverage aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Case Studies

Learning from Experience

Examining real-world examples of businesses that have benefited from Riot and Strike Insurance provides valuable insights into the tangible advantages this coverage can offer.


In a world where uncertainties are inevitable, Riot and Strike Insurance emerges as a strategic shield against financial turmoil. It's not just about protecting assets; it's about securing peace of mind and sustaining your business through turbulent times.


  1. Is Riot and Strike Insurance mandatory in South Africa?
    While not mandatory, having this insurance is highly advisable, considering the prevalent risks.
  2. How does Riot and Strike Insurance differ from regular property insurance?
    Riot and Strike Insurance specifically covers damages arising from civil unrest, riots, and strikes, whereas regular property insurance may not provide such targeted coverage.
  3. Can individuals purchase Riot and Strike Insurance, or is it only for businesses?
    Both individuals and businesses can benefit from Riot and Strike Insurance, tailoring policies to their unique needs.
  4. Are there waiting periods before Riot and Strike Insurance coverage becomes effective?
    Waiting periods vary among insurers, and it's crucial to discuss this with your chosen provider to understand the specifics.
  5. Can Riot and Strike Insurance be bundled with other types of coverage?
    Yes, many insurance providers offer customizable packages, allowing you to bundle Riot and Strike Insurance with other relevant coverages for comprehensive protection.

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